On reflection, it was back in my school days that the first glimmer of Dianmonde gleamed on my horizon. One day it struck me that the style of jewelry I craved was nowhere else to be found! This motivated me to make my own earrings – followed by other pieces – at home in my spare time. Soon, people around me became curious and fascinated, asking : “Where can we find these unique accessories?

I have studied art all my life. From my youngest days I have always loved making things with my hands. I love to draw, and to design all kinds of fashions. Yet expressing my vision of beauty through the jewelry I make gives me the most special joy. Often, I can’t sleep until I’ve created what I’m imagining! In 2010, I received an award from Swarovski. Then in 2013, my work was shown in the Louvre as part of the French brand, -Zhen et Mossi-. And now, it is my great pleasure to share my passion publicly through my own brand: -Dianmonde-.


Influences & Inspirations

I was born and educated in South Korea. From day one, I drove my parents up the wall – because I would draw on the wall – and just about any other surface I could find! Realizing I had a special calling; my parents happily encouraged me. Soon, I was placed in a special middle and high school for gifted fine arts students. There I came into contact with a wider universe of artistic disciplines. These included sculpture, design, landscape painting, and figure painting. I was able to master oil painting techniques – among others — as well as the use of traditional Korean drawing materials. What a fertile environment for sharing ideas with my classmates!

My eyes were opened to diverse disciplines such as music and dance. I was so privileged to witness a wide scope of top-level, fine art performances and exhibits during this time. All these influences informed the visual expression of my art. No doubt all these delightful, distracting discoveries had left their impression on me. But there was something else stirring my soul! I was coming to realize my love for the uniquely expressive techniques and modes of my own country’s art.

So, I followed my heart – and decided to make Korean art my specialty.


Iget most of my ideas from my surroundings. For example, while strolling through a park here in Paris, I’m bound to spy some images that catch my fancy! I whip out my phone and snap a few pictures so I can experiment with those images later on. Another time, I’ll find that the interior design of a particular building inspires me. Out comes the sketchbook – I’ll frenziedly draw what I see so that I can keep the ‘feel’ for it later! Also, in my effort for self-improvement, I indulge in as many exhibit visits as I can! The artistic brilliance of Paris remains of course, legendary – so who am I not to soak up its brillance? I’m always hoping to learn from this city’s awesome array of artists, to funnel their shared inspiration into my own novel conceptions! My happy habit of collecting visual images from the world around me – and making art out of them – started when I was just a little girl. When I was not drawing on the walls in my home.

Expression & Passion

The discipline of my traditional Korean art training led to a double major for me – in Korean painting and fashion design – at Seoul National University, Korea’s most prestigious institution. This was followed by graduate study of fashion design in London. Throughout this time, I strove to integrate the traditional aesthetics of East Asian art with the modern currents of fashion design. In the interest of creating optimal effect, I also began making my own jewelry and accessories to complement my clothing designs. Over time, this interest in creating jewelry, slow-burned into a passion! I realized how beautifully the grace of a fine garment could combine with the brilliance of a water-color painting. Add to these, the way the radiance of nature could dovetail with the exotic allure of Asian art. And all of this could be reflected in jewelry – the most ornate medium of expression!

Because I never work from blueprints, every Dianmode jewelry piece is a unique creation! There is so much inspiraton to draw on from the outside world, and I take it all in – back to my workspace, where I experiment with different designs. Many times, after fashioning a small bit, I realize that it is not going in the direction I want – so I start again from scratch. There are certain effects I am driven to achieve in any given piece, and I evaluate as I go. Then I follow creative detours until my intuition leads me to the right destination. I become absorbed in my art, often working all night! Other times, I’ll work late into the night, only to wake up the next day, re-evaluate, and once again start from scratch. I’ll then let things simmer for a few days before deciding on the final design.

“Painstaking” may be one word for this process – but at the same time, this is my greatest happiness! This is the process of true creation. Dianmonde shall always stand above the copycats and mass production.